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Kitchen Cupboards Johannesburg – Add Space and Style To Your Home


The question I get asked the most from my clients is how do I create more space with my kitchen cupboards?

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Most flats only have base units in the kitchen and no wall units or tall units. A space is normally left to put a fridge in as to actually having a fridge casing with wall unit installed. Tall DIY kitchen cupboards are a great way to create more space in your kitchen as they usually have between 4 to 6 shelves. Although you lose counter top space to kitchen cupboards you gain space especially if it’s a small kitchen.

Tall kitchen units don’t have to be fitted to the ceiling. Your standard height ceiling is normally 2.5 meters. There are two different standard height tall units to accommodate that ceiling height. The first is the 1980mm high tall unit and the second the 2300mm tall unit.

1980mm tall kitchen cupboards in Johannesburg don’t need a top filer to close up the gap between the ceiling and the top of the tall unit but the 2300mm does. If you don’t like dust collectors I suggest you use kitchen manufacturers for installing the 1980mm tall kitchen cupboard .



Check out the IKEA website in American for awesome bedroom stuff

Another way of creating space in your kitchen is adding wall units. There are two different size wall units. If you want to tile your kitchen with travertine tiles use tilers in cape town to lay them on the floor. You get the standard height wall units which are 720mm high and the high line wall units which are 1080mm high. The stand size wall unit only has 1 shelf where the high line wall unit has 2. If the wall units are made up in a diy system they will have adjustable shelving. This means you can add another shelf if need be or adjust the shelves up or down to accommodate items that might not fit the space. Remember that if the chipboard of your kitchen gets wet it will swell and rot so you need to use plumbers cape town is you want to avoid this problem.

When you design your kitchen make sure to add larger kitchen units as this will allow you to store more pots, plates or Tupperware next to each other. If the sun shines to brightly through y our kitchen window cover it with curtains or shutters by using blinds companies in Cape Town to do it for you. Also make sure you use a proper electrician to do all your electrical services in Cape Town as you don’t want any come-backs after you’ve completed your kitchen remodeling project.

If there is any empty spaces on your wall and you are able to fit a floating shelve, utilize it. Floating shelves make your kitchen look more modern and helps to display items you want to brag about to your friends. 

One particularly sleek looking item that can be a great addition to your kitchen can be found here when you visit the website of Beyond Kitchens kitchen cupboards Cape Town. This item is usually fitted above the oven and hotplates or above the sink.


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