Clearing Out Your Kitchen Cupboards

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Clearing Out Your Kitchen Cupboards

Submitted by: Anya Shiela Richards

A problem commonly found in the average household is not having enough cupboard space to store everything that we have. Although the ideal solution would be to build more cupboards, that is not always possible or practical. And even if we were to construct more cabinets or put up more shelves, chances are that we would then find ourselves putting more things inside them and the problem would not go away.

To trim down your storage needs properly, the best thing to do is get rid of some of the things that you own. This does not necessarily mean throwing them away, but putting them to good use. Here are some ideas:

- Check all food items in the cupboard and see whether there is anything that has gone past its expiry date. If so, it should be thrown out as it will no longer be fresh.

- If you have some open packets, how about making something from them and using them up straight away rather than letting them sit in the cupboard until they become unusable? For example, if you have open bags of sugar, flour, and cocoa, mix these ingredients with margarine and eggs, pour them into some cake cases, and you have cupcakes. Cupcakes are so easy to make that they a great and tasty way to get rid of surplus cake ingredients.

- Similarly, bags of cornflakes or puffed rice can also be used to make breakfast cereal cupcakes adding some honey or jam as an easy cupcake frosting if you have a sweet tooth. Bags of peas or lentils can be put to good use as a pan of soup, and so forth. You can always find some simple, easy recipes for using up surplus packets and foods in the cupboard.

- Do you have too many pots and pans? If so, and they are very large, you could put them in the garden and grow plants in them. This looks attractive, and they are not put to waste.

- Surplus china plates can be hung on the wall as an interesting, country-style design, rather reminiscent of Grandma?s kitchen.

- Spare jars can be colored and used as a decoration, either empty or with different colored sand within.

- Take a look and see if you really use some of the things that you have in your cupboard. Be honest and ruthless in your survey. If you are holding on to things that are broken or that you don?t need anymore purely for sentimental reasons, then it is time to get tough because you need the space that they occupy.

- Reorganize the things that you are keeping so that you will be able to use the space that is available as efficiently as possible. Make neat piles of your dishes and saucepans, and stack objects that can be put one inside the other.

- Designate cupboards and label them so that you can navigate your way around the kitchen far more easily.

Searching out storage space in your kitchen does not have to be arduous or difficult. All it needs is creativity and efficiency, and you will soon find that you have the space that meets your needs.

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