Custom Kitchen Cabinets Safety?10 Strategies for a safer kitchen

Many people want to know more about red kitchen cabinets. Are you one of them? If so, you might find the following article helpful in your search for information. We hope you find some useful pointers.

1. Outlet location in your kitchen Locating an outlet within a base cabinet that could have spills or plumbing issues is inviting trouble. DIY or with a professional, do not allow an outlet on a flat surface where it could be subject to spills. Watch out for locations that invite cramped plugs and wires. Make sure you get a ground fault circuit interrupter on your outlet if it is near any source of water or spills.

2. Slippery Kitchen floors Spills happen, and maintenance products can make materials slippery whether wood, tile, sheet vinyl, or linoleum. Consider a cushioned rubber no skid cooking mat that chefs prefer or a stable area rug near cooking and cleaning areas. Consider maintenance products that decrease slippage or are neutral. Keep surfaces clean and free of grease and spills. Consider cleaning and slippage when selecting tile?not too rough, not to slick.

3. Poor Lighting in the kitchen and bath A great reason to remodel the kitchen is inadequate lighting near the work surface. This red flag is inviting a problem, especially for aging eyes. While remodeling your kitchen, include low cost and high output LED lights under wall cabinets to better illuminate work surfaces to handle task lighting needs. Consider a solo-tube or skylight for general ambient lighting for the space at all hours. Include attractive mood lighting for eating areas that are dimmable depending on the time of the day. 4. Leaking appliances can cause big problems in your home Air quality and safety from leaking appliances– poorly installed or aging gas ranges and stoves are notorious, and even a small leak can affect your health. Leaking refrigerators and dishwashers can destroy adjacent flooring materials and cabinets. Keep an eye on how your appliances are performing, and never let a small problem get to be a huge headache.

5. Kitchen design considerations make the difference in safety Cooktops without adequate space on both sides and you are more limited in your ability to easily prevent burns and accidents by quickly removing an overheated pan to a safer location. Minimum recommendations are 12? on both sides, 18? is better. Never have a combustible surface or material (nearby cabinet for instance) closer than 18? to the stove top. An open window can work near a stovetop, but curtains do not.

6. Be smart about taking fire precautions in your kitchen Smoke alarms should not be disarmed, and understand the best way to put out a grease fire?NOT with water?but with a pan lid to smother it. Keep a fire extinguisher in good condition and easily accessible. You may never use it, but will be glad you had it nearby in case an error in the kitchen gets out of control.

7. Poor space design causes accidents Stuff in the wrong place and less than desirable spacing can cause plenty of injuries. Running into sharp corners, dishwashers and oven doors located too near adjacent cabinets or in too narrow of aisles invite bruises, trips, and general inconvenience. Rolling carts without a locking mechanism can also cause accidents as well.

8. Poor design is illuminated with trailing cables and cords Determining appropriate space use is the first step in determining appropriate outlet location, and that reduces the needs for exposed cables and cords in the kitchen and bath. Don?t let this critical step in the kitchen and bath design process derail an otherwise fabulous project. This type of thing diminishes the desired results?great look, great function, and great safety.

9. Teachable moments make the difference. Yes, you, and everyone else that is in your kitchen, needs to understand how not to get hurt. Your amazing professional grade range must be understood to get the not only your best ?bang for the buck?, but also to keep yourself and others safe. This applies to every appliance you have- read the instructions, and make sure other helpers understand at least the basic safety requirements of each appliance. Children in the kitchen benefit greatly from your instructions, and need to learn before they are exploring that the kitchen is a place to respect. Don?t assume they won?t touch, open, experiment, or taste something that will hurt them. Even small children can learn?without a major catastrophe?basic safety. If your little visitor to the kitchen still seems unable to resist the temptations, locking cabinets containing chemicals or moving harmful objects out of reach is the best bet. Regarding kitchen use, it is always better to take a little time to instruct, understand, and prevent any sort of mishap.

10. Cabinets that are falling apart or performing poorly Bad hinges, compromised drawer hardware, overloaded shelves and drawers all can diminish your pleasant experience in the kitchen, and can be dangerous. Consider what you are dealing with in your kitchen?lack of space, lack of function, or cabinets that have just had their day and are not working for you any longer can be a safety concern.

You can never have too much information about such an important issue. Do you agree? Are you feeling better informed about the options you have? When all around you are scratching their heads, it’s a great feeling to have clear vision and know which direction you are heading.

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