Fashionable Design Choices For Kitchen Cabinets

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Update Kitchen Door Handles And Door Pulls

If you want to change the look of your kitchen without committing to a full remodel, it’s possible to just install new door handles and drawer pulls to your cabinets. These handles and pulls are quite inexpensive and the project is so simple that most homeowners are able to do the work without hiring a professional. To make sure you love the ones you choose, select a few and install them at different places throughout your kitchen. After living with them for a week or two, you can decide which style you like best and complete the rest of the project.

Glass Front Cabinets

One of the hottest trends is a glass front on some or all cabinets in your room. This look can be stunning, but only if it’s done correctly. Many homeowners love to stash things behind closed doors so if yours are frequently cluttered or look unorganized, it might not be the best look for your room. However, if you have an organized style or dishes that you want to display, glass fronts can open up the room. Consider adding a lighting system inside each cabinet to really show off your contents and create a homey and welcoming atmosphere.

Bigger Is Better

In years past, 30 inches was the standard cabinet height. This height allowed the majority of homeowners to easily reach what they needed without requiring a step stool. However, recent trends have leaned toward a cabinet height of 36 or even 42 inches. This taller height eliminates the awkward space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, but also gives homeowners a place to stash kitchen appliances or special occasion dishes that are used infrequently.

Why White?

White cabinets are a popular choice that just continues to gain in popularity throughout the country. White can help a room look larger and more open, which is something many homeowners appreciate. Additionally, because it’s possible to achieve a number of different looks by simply changing wall colors or accessories, white is extremely versatile. If you’re thinking of selling your home within a few years, it’s an excellent idea to use white as a base cabinet color. Potential homebuyers will be able to see the customization options without thinking they need to spend a lot of money, which just might help your home sell faster.

Whether you’re redoing your kitchen for your own use or you’re considering potential resale values when you’re done, learning more about the different options for your room will help throughout the design process. Don’t be shy about telling your designer if there’s a style you don’t love, even if it’s one that’s quite popular in your area. It’s important that you have a kitchen that you can love for years to come, no matter what trends you include.

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