Granite Countertops Price: 3 Factors That Determine Price

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Granite Countertops Price: 3 Factors That Determine Price

Submitted by: Larry Donaldson

Granite countertops are a great addition to modern homes. They have the ability to boost the functionality of kitchens and the allure of bathrooms. They have grander abilities and beauty that other countertops lack. Granite is prized for its’ durability and is a requirement for the homes of those with refined taste.

They also welcome the use of kitchens as more than a dining area making it a play station for children as well as for reading. Prices of the granite versions of countertops usually vary as per the color, shape, as well as size of the countertops. One may wonder that given the varied factors on which the costs of these countertops depend, it is true that determining the price of the granite countertops is a difficult task indeed.

Following are three of the factors, which determine the costs of these exclusive and functional countertops.

1) The foremost of the factors that prices the worthiness of the granite countertops is the work of the quarry workers involved. It should be understood that granite is difficult to locate and mine. This stone is available among the ranges of China, South America and Europe. Extracting granite from among the rough mountains is a tedious task coupled with the amount of manual labor that it requires. The shipment as well as massive machinery that backs these countertops adds another dime to their costs. The polishing and finishing further requires an equivalent effort that makes these countertops rich in quality as well as the price. Expenses that come with the processing to the final delivery add up to their higher prices.

2) The next factor that counts as the reason for the high prices of the granite countertops is patterns. Experts of the industry alone can tell about the versatility of the patterns present in granite stones. The rarer patterns come with higher prices as opposed to the common patterns. It is seen that the rare pattern requires a more difficult manual labor while the common patterns are much easy to finish. Depending upon the patterns that appear on the granite countertop, the price of the countertop may vary.

3) The same feature varies directly with the color of the granite. The presence of trace minerals contribute to the variation of grain and color within granite. Usually the granite countertops have an earthly hue ranging between gray and brown. Countertops that have a heavier color or shade add credit points to their exclusiveness and thus in turn their costs. The unique shades such as red and green come with heavier price constraints. Similarly, the blue and the red toned graphite are available in lesser supply, which makes these varieties cost more than their counterparts.

It should be understood that while installing a granite countertop for kitchens, it stands as a great and worthy option that is sure to add value to your home . Granite countertops are a great compliment to kitchens and bathrooms with their outstanding strength and beauty. They will be worth every penny spent on the purchase.

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