Granite Tiles And Type Of Granite Tiles

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Granite Tiles And Type Of Granite Tiles

Submitted by: Harshit Shaurya

This article tells you about various types of granite tiles. After reading this article you would be able to find some of the best online solution for granite tiles need.

Among the oldest known stone on earth, granite conjures up images dramatic mountain ranges – as well as stylish kitchen countertops. Formed from solidified molten rock at great depths and under great pressure far below the continents, this hard, dense and resilient stone is also one of the most popular. The word granite is derived from the Latin word granum, meaning grain, in reference to the stone’s granular appearance. Primarily composed of quartz, feldspar, potassium and mica, this coarse-grained igneous rock is usually available in darker colors, but also pinks and light grays. Used as a building material since ancient times, granite now adds drama to the world’s most modern homes and commercial buildings.

Some Types of Granite is explained here.

Absolute Black Granite

One of the most distinguished granites in the world, Absolute Black is an elegant choice for floors, walls and counter tops. As the primary stone or as an accent, this dramatic stone creates a strong contrast.

Blue Pearl Granite

The color and silvery shine of this granite gives it a distinct, rich and elegant look. Considered one of the finest granites in the world, Blue Pearl has a special appeal for applications.

Crystal White Granite

A very reasonably priced and versatile tile, Crystal White can be used for all hard-surface applications.

Golden Garnet Granite

This basic, neutral-colored granite is an ideal choice for large areas.

Tropical Brown Granite

This stone’s neutral color complements a variety of materials. Its warm tone blends well with finishes such as wood, metal and ceramic. Though neutral, Tropical Brown is also very rich in color and texture.

Uba Tuba Granite

Richly green, Uba Tuba is an attractive material for floors, walls or countertops. Can be used as a main color or as an accent to other colors.

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