Industrial-Chic Kitchen: Copper Cookware, Oval Dining Tables and More

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Choose kitchen items and accents that help attract attention to the architectural details in the kitchen space. The earth tones of the brick walls can be complemented with warm copper cookware. Install simple shelves or use freestanding wire shelving units against the wall so the exposed brick shows through. The open shelves also allow you to display your beautiful collection of copper cookware. Good-quality copper cookware is available from artisanal and handmade cookware makers. Look for these manufacturers online or in modern lifestyle and decor stores. Other cooking and dining essentials that go well with the industrial chic look are wooden cutting trays made from natural wood and serving pieces with metallic accents.

Reclaimed furnishings with elements of wood and metal are an excellent choice for the industrial kitchen. Look for oval dining tables, kitchen islands, kitchen stools and shelves made from reclaimed wood and recycled materials. A simple cart-style island with a metal tabletop and legs can be used as a prep station in the kitchen. Add stylish seating with barstools featuring metal framework legs and solid wood seats. Look for functional storage solutions like floating shelves made from reclaimed wood. Kitchen staples can be stored on these shelves with wire baskets and bins.

Create a small dining space in the kitchen with a table and chairs. Look for small-space solutions such as oval dining tables with wooden or metal surfaces and slim bases. Pair the oval dining tables with sleekly-proportioned chairs. This little dining nook is perfect for a relaxed Sunday breakfast or a leisurely brunch with friends. Illuminate this dining nook well with pendant fixtures. Industrial pendants are available in different styles such as clear glass pendants or pendants with mercury glass shades. You can find industrial pendants at modern decor stores or you can make a decorative one at home.

An old wire whisk attachment of an industrial mixer can be transformed into an industrial accent for your kitchen. Look for these whisks at online stores or street markets. Start by cleaning the whisk attachments and run a wire right through the hole in the middle, where the whisk normally attaches to the mixer. Pull the whisk wires apart gently and wire the light. Slip in the light bulb and hang the pendant light from the ceiling. This project can be made easier by using a pre-wired pendant light.

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