Kit yourself out in the correct kitchen attire; grab some famous chef’s whites

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The jacket is both practical and smart. When working in a kitchen the nature of the job is fast paced, the kitchen is often hot and the chef is surrounded by various cooking food. It is typical that in a day?s work in the kitchen the chef is likely to get splashed by some form of hot food or liquid. The jacket is made from thick white cotton which helps to protect the skin from any burns, absorbing the liquid and preventing it from passing through the material. Not only is the main body of the shirt made from cotton but also the buttons, which stops them from melting at high temperatures. The jacket can be washed at high temperatures in a white wash at 90 degrees. This ensures that all food and spillages will be removed maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Another benefit of the jacket is that it is reversible meaning that for chefs that are taking a double shift on the same day, they are able to switch the jacket round. This allows for a professional look if the chef encounters a customer.

The chequered trousers are once again made of thick cotton which provides the same protective capacities as with the shirt and can be cleaned easily. The blue or black squares help to hide the inevitable muck that will accrue after a day in the kitchen; some chefs often of higher status wear plain black trousers.

Finally we come to the symbol which everyone recognises well when thinking of a chef; the hat. This type of head garment is known as a torque and comes in a range of shapes and sizes dependant on the type of environment you are in. The hat can act as a sweat band and a hair net, preventing unwanted tainting of the food. Most of the hats have the distinctive one hundred folds which is said to represent a chefs wisdom and the many ways they know how to cook an egg!

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