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 Kitchen units – the best knock down kitchen units to use – Best Choice Low Budget

The cut and edge system

Most of the fly by night contractors or “bakkie brigade” as most people call them use the cut and edge melamine board system to build kitchen cupboards for their clients. The cut and edge system is where say a kitchen contractor buys a melamine chipboard that is 2750 mm x 1830 mm in size and gets all the sides, tops and bottoms he needs for his kitchen cupboards cut out of the board. He then gets all the pieces edged with the colour edging the kitchen will be finished in and assembles each unit.

The cut and edge system is a great way to save money for the contractor as he will always score on off-cuts to make an extra kitchen unit or top and bottom filler if needed. Most of the times he will even score an entire extra board with all the off-cuts and save that money he would have spent and puts it in his pocket.

How our clients score with knock down kitchen units

Knock down kitchen units are cut, edged and put into flat packs and supplied to the kitchen fitters to install. Each knock down unit has assembly instructions with all the hardware needed to assemble the kitchen unit. With knock down units there are no off-cuts to pay for and as every piece for each unit is flat packed you’ll never have to worry about having pieces go missing. The cam and dowels used to assemble the units are also much stronger than the industry standard 6 mm x 40 mm chipboard screw used so your cupboards are much sturdier and will last much longer.

Most of the bakkie brigade also build chipboard boxes to place each kitchen unit on and level it. This is a big no no as chipboard and water do not mix well and if you ever get water damage in your kitchen or use to much water to mop your floor for that matter and wet that chipboard box the chipboard will swell and weaken the base of the units.

We use 150 mm pvc adjustable legs to level each kitchen unit. Each pvc leg can carry 400 kg’s and as each kitchen unit will need 4 to balance it will be ample to carry the weights of the unit and any Formica or granite counter top you place on it.

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