Layouts and Designs For a Spacious Kitchen

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Layouts and Designs For a Spacious Kitchen

Submitted by: Jeff Paul Hardy

Kitchen is the favorite place of every woman where they spend most of the time cooking for their relatives and friends. They enjoy cooking and they try there best to manage space in the kitchen so they could make it look beautiful and hygienic. Space in your kitchen is an essential part of the designing plan. Kitchen looks beautiful when you manage your kitchen in a spacious manner such as placing Sinks, Cabinets and Counter tops in a proper way. One of the vital factors is to get the feel of free space and make plans keeping your taste and space available in the mind.

Before deciding anything regarding your kitchen, just keep in mind how you want to see your kitchen, the shade, design and arrangement. Some of the people hire professionals to make all procedures of the kitchen to make spacious, but professionals require a lot of money for making arrangements. Here we will mention some of the tips that will definitely help you in layout your kitchen.

Here are some of the basic tips to redesign your kitchen: L-Shaped Kitchen Arranging items totally depends on allotted space of the kitchen. You can opt for one wall kitchen design and make proper and inexpensive workspace by using general equipments. One such wall design is basically L-shaped of kitchen. This L-shape pattern is very popular and creates ample working space.

A highly spacious and evolved kitchen lay out plan is the double L- shape kitchen design. This layout allows for double working areas and also ensures your comfort level within the space. The design of larger L-shape kitchen is an open counter space. Sinks are also installed in workstations making work faster and easier.

Corridor Shaped Kitchen The other popular kitchen layout is the ‘Corridor ‘ pattern with the placing of counters on both the sides. This type of design is a great way for setting your cabinets and counters. However crowding may be one of the major problems in this layout but this pattern is highly affordable and largely preferred by the people.

U-Shaped Kitchen Another type of Kitchen is like U-shaped which is very similar to the corridor pattern. U shaped kitchen are flexible and useful for a small, medium or large kitchen. They consists of work space on three affixing walls. There is no traffic passages within the work area.

Island shaped kitchen Island kitchen is a popular and contemporary design that is an independent island unit which allows you to socialize with your relatives and guest in the living and dining area while working. You can have a sink or the cook-top with canopy above as a focal point of the kitchen arrangement.

After deciding your particular layout plan, start affixing the cabinets and counters. There are three types of basic patterns for counters layout which are popularly known as the perimeter pattern, the Peninsula and the Island pattern. You can plan your triangle kitchen layout with the arrangements of stove, sink, oven and most important your refrigerator. The most comfortable working space of triangle design is more than 4 feet and less than 9 feet.

Kitchen is the most used place in your home so it should be comfortable and spacious. It completely depends on you, how you want to see your home. So plan your kitchen layout while keeping in mind, comfortable space and utility requirements. Keep only those things in your kitchen that you use in regular like as sink, fridge, exhaust and other useful equipments. Same goes for your everyday kitchenware – what you use regularly, keep it handy. Rest can be put in cupboards. This will definitely help you in making your kitchen spacious.

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