Modern Bathroom Vanities With Minimalist Designs Suit Most of the Modern Set Up

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Modern Bathroom Vanities With Minimalist Designs Suit Most of the Modern Set Up

Submitted by: Bill L. Robinson

May be you have bought a new house or may be you have decided to remodel your old home ; whatever be the case, you just cannot neglect your bathroom. However, if you want a perfect job done, you have hard work ahead of you. Designing a perfect bathroom and choosing the right material is not as easy as you think it is. The functionality of the piece should get as much importance as its beauty.

Not every material is suitable for your bathroom fittings. Although, the showers are generally enclosed, the heat and humidity that may escape can harm the fittings if they are not made from materials that are heat and humidity resistant. This is especially true of bathroom mirrors and vanities. Although modern bathroom vanities are made from materials such as wood, glass, brass, stainless steel and stone, you should keep this in mind while choosing one for your bathroom.

However, before doing that we ought to know what vanities are. In North American terminology, a vanity is a cabinet primarily used in the bathroom to hold the sink and hide the plumbing from general view. It also holds drawers and shelves under the sink for storage purposes. Today, you have beautiful pieces of such articles, some of which can easily be mistaken for bedroom furniture. If you are good in woodwork, you can also turn an unused piece of furniture into a vanity and use it as such.

If for example, you have wooden chest of drawers made from teak, shorea, cedar, and eucalyptus, which you no longer use, you can turn it into a vanity without much effort. Timber from such trees is generally water and heat resistant and therefore they will keep well even in the most adverse condition. All you will have to do is to cut a hole on top of it for the sink and apply some low gloss polyurethane at least three times to protect it from splashing drops of water. On the flip side, you may have to lose the first two drawers, but not entirely. You can always turn them into half-drawers.

However, most of us need to buy bathroom vanities. Whether you are looking for modern bathroom vanities with contemporary designs or more traditional or antique style, you need to keep the following in mind:

Size of the bathroom
Shape of the bathroom
General d?cor of the bathroom
Where in the bathroom you want it to be placed

A large vanity with large storage space is always welcome, but if your bathroom is small, such vanities will definitely be inconvenient. As much as you need storage place, you also need space to put in the commode, shower enclosures and others accessories. There are many small but beautiful vanities. Try them instead. As it is, shopping around is the first requisite of any successful purchase. Do that here too, but instead of going from shop to shop, you can do that over the internet. Many virtual shops offer the vanities at discount prices because they do not have much of an overhead.

Look for modern small bathroom vanities if your bathroom is small and if necessary use bathroom wall cabinets for storage purposes as well. However, too big a cabinet will not look good in a small bathroom and unless you want your bathroom to be cluttered to the extent of being suffocating, you would avoid that. You may not realize it and yet your bathroom must have a pleasant ambience. Otherwise, you will loath to spend much time in there and this may have some adverse effect on your health. You must spend some time there to cleanse yourself, inside and out.

Vanities today range between 18? to 50? in width and therefore it will not be difficult to find the exact size. The shape of the bathroom will determine where the vanity will be located and the design should depend upon that too. Trying to visualize it in the particular location may help. Also, keep in mind the general d?cor of the bathroom. If it is rather old-fashioned, modern bathroom vanities with contemporary designs will not suit. In such a case, you will have to opt for ones that are more ornate.

The mirror and the lighting should also go with the overall style. In fact, when it comes to bathroom decoration, or in fact in any kind of decor, you have to have a holistic approach. You just cannot pick up one object and set it up in the midst of others. Therefore, take time to look for the vanities and other bathroom accessories. Choose the one that suits best.

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