Modernizing Your Kitchen With Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

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Modernizing Your Kitchen With Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Submitted by: Carmen Fontana

Is your kitchen looking as though it?s living in a prior century? If so, there are ways to give the room a 21st-century makeover that won?t cost you a 21st-century bankroll. One easy way to modernize your kitchen is to blend styles, reported the ?Las Vegas Review-Journal? late last year.

But when you?re on a limited budget, where do you start in your quest toward ?going modern? in your kitchen? Experts recommend you begin at the room?s focal point. And the highlight of the majority of kitchens is the cabinetry. The journal points out, ?In the world of modern kitchens, it is so easy to choose a [kitchen] cabinet collection or decorative finish that turns out to be a short-lived, passing-fancy fad and not the investment you envisioned.? That?s exactly the type of strategy you want to avoid, of course, if you?re craving modern.

A ready to assemble online kitchen design tool comes to rescue. There, you can test out kitchen cabinets by finish color, door style and wood or material type. And because you can key in your kitchen?s specific layout details, you can see just how modern your desired kitchen cabinets will look in your room. And all of that is not to mention the money ready to assemble kitchen cabinets will save your in your modernization endeavors.

The ?Las Vegas Review-Journal? goes on to suggest specific ways in which you can give your kitchen cabinets?and therefore your kitchen?a modern makeover. First, the journal explains how kitchen cabinets, countertops and kitchen furnishings all tie in together: ?Traditional raised-panel doors on kitchen cabinetry will complement concrete countertops. And sleek, clean-lined cabinetry is softened by wicker barstools pulled up to granite counters.?

That said, if you can?t afford to replace them, you might want to take a second look at your countertops and seating arrangements as a springboard to modernizing your kitchen. You?ll be surprised by the door panel options assembled and ready to assemble kitchen cabinets afford you. And if a clean, streamlined look is what you?re going for, the Fenwick kitchen cabinet door is a clean, slab door with square edges that will create a contemporary feel in your kitchen. Another great option is the Kenton, a slab laminate style kitchen cabinet door with a clean, contemporary look. The Kenton is available in a White Gloss finish with matching edgebanding.

Gleaming white cabinets like the Kenton provide ?a minimalist aesthetic,? the article asserts. For a ?warm and cozy? feel instead, opt for ?wood-grain patterned fronts? on your kitchen cabinet doors. Westbrook® Rustic Hickory features a 2-inch wide solid hickory frame and Shaker styling. The door front has a flat, recessed center panel made of ?-inch thick hickory veneer. The drawer fronts are also made of ?-inch thick wood panels with v-grooves.

Finally, don?t overlook the kitchen cabinet door handles, recommends the journal. ?Hardware is another key to diversity in the kitchen. Traditional [kitchen] cabinet doors can be updated and made to look more contemporary with stainless, clean-lined handles.?

About the Author: Carmen Fontana is a Web Services Manger for Western Reserve Internet Services. You can start planning your kitchen remodel using Distinction Cabinetry‘s online ready to assemble kitchen design tool.


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