Painting Kitchen Cabinets-How to Get the Job Done Right

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets-How to Get the Job Done Right

Submitted by: George Mitchell

Painting your kitchen cabinets is obviously a rather time consuming job, and something that many people don?t want to do. However, it can save you a lot of money as opposed to (a) having somebody else do it for you) or (b) buying completely new cabinets.

The obvious benefits of doing this are that you will save a lot of money, but also you just get that satisfaction of knowing you accomplished it on your own. Nothing can take away that awesome feeling.

Believe it or not, painting your kitchen cabinets really isn?t difficult, but it will be time consuming and require perseverance. First off, you will want to learn something about painting, if you don?t know a lot about the topic.

Therefore, you should probably head down to the store and buy a few books on the topic, or just browse online and get the ones you need. It really isn?t hard to find free painting tips online, and I would recommend you do this if you haven?t done a lot of painting before.

Another thing you should do is to go down to your local painting shop or hardware store, as the people who work there can give you tips on how to get started and achieve the look and feel you want. I would say that the most important resource available is the internet, as there are so many free painting tips, you really can?t go wrong with this method.

If you are stuck for ideas on what color to paint the kitchen cabinets, I would recommend you browse the web and visit as many kitchen cabinets sites as possible, and just get a ton of ideas.

Jot down anything that looks interesting. This is a great way to get the juices flowing and figure out what you want your kitchen to look like. Don?t forget to match them up with the rest of your kitchen design, or the results will be disastrous.

Just because those black cabinets looked good in the kitchen you saw online doesn?t mean they would fit well in your kitchen. Once you?ve done this, now it?s time to get to work. Here are some tips to help you get the job done as well as possible.

Before you start, make sure you have used a rag and gotten rid of any food or substances off the surface to make sure it?s spotless, as these can really mess up a paint job.

Now it?s time to sand. All you need to do is go over the cabinet several times, and make sure you do it thoroughly. This can be tedious, particularly if you have a large kitchen, but it?s very necessary.

After that, you put on a primer in order to prevent the paint from peeling down the road. Which primer you utilize is dependent on the kind of paint you use.

After this, it?s time to paint, and just follow the above tips I outlined if you don?t have a lot of experience. If you do, this step will be a piece of cake.

Once the cabinet doors have dried then hang then back up, and you are good to go. As you can see, painting kitchen cabinets does take some effort, but the end result, which is better looking cabinets and a fuller wallet, is definitely worth it.

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