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For that they thought of renovating their house, which has lost its sheen after being used constantly for the past nine to ten years. For the kitchen and the basin in the bathroom Ella wanted Granite countertops!For the bed rooms they decided to have some book cases and an LED unit for the living room. However, Smith and Ella both agreed that it was the two bathrooms and the kitchen that needed the most re work. Ella has refined taste and Smith had absolute faith on the creative instinct of Ella. However, he only had one suggestion to Ella; that they should first check out the largest granite selection before they zeroed in on the granites for their kitchen and bathrooms. After an extensive search online and talking with the customer service employees, they finally shortlisted a company which is in Wisconsin and at a comfortable distance from their place.

They did not waste any time and visited the company right away. What they got to experience was also amazing. There was a stupefying collection of Quartz, marble and granite to choose from. The store was located in the Milwaukee area. As many as 140 colors were ready in stock.Ella and Smith wanted a contemporary look and the artisans there were well equipped in creating both traditional and contemporary look for the bathroom and the kitchen. The products on offer were not only classy but those were prepared to be long lasting as well. Those also came with warranty for a limited life time.Ella and Smith did not have much difficulty in selecting the granites of their choice. And guess what despite offering the largest granite selection to choose from the prices were not at all prohibitive.

They got discounted granitetops that fit into their budget. A team of artisans worked for a week or so, mounting the countertops, erecting the book racks etc. Finally they got their house renovated to their liking.It was the little Della who was the happiest to find the fairy tale house recreated in her own home. Ella has hanged few of her medium and large sized works on the living room walls and the bedroom walls. The space looked gorgeous and yet has a very soothing effect.The Whytes are now ready to invite upon guests to their house, share their space and have their share of happy moments!

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