Sell Your Home With Colours

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Sell Your Home With Colours

Submitted by: Sterling Wong

The way in which we perceive colours can have an effect on our mood, what we like and what we do not like, and even what we buy. Many of the big box retailers have known and implemented this in their stores in order to entice people into increasing their purchases. Effective use of colours in your home can help to evoke emotions in buyers that hopefully will lead to your home being sold faster and for more money than if colours were not well used.


Using different shades of blue can make people feel calm and relaxed, aid in concentration. Certain shades of blue can also have an invigorating and refreshing influence. The best uses of blue in a home are generally in bathrooms or laundry rooms but bedrooms can also benefit form the use of blue.


Red has always been the colour of passion and sexuality, so if that is what you are after this might be the choice for your bedroom. GEnerally speaking red should be used sparingly as it can have the opposite effect on people as the colour blue. So studies have shown that the colour red can increase blood pressure. Red can also increase people?s appetite and promote conversation so a good use of red might be as an accent wall in the living room or dining room.


Known as a happy colour and a sun colour, yellow can help to increase a person?s metabolism. A great place for yellow might be the kitchen or bathroom and goes well with white. It may not be the best choice, however, for a nursery or bedroom as some suggest that babies cry and people argue more in yellow rooms.


Green can calming and relaxing and even have a healing effect of people. It has also been suggested that green help to relieve anxiety and depression. Just do not go too dark as it can really close in a room. The most popular shades of green are sage, olive and lime.


Use this warm colour in your kitchen, bedroom or dining room to instill a sense of invigoration and well being. Orange is generally better used when properly balanced with white.


Black is not usually a colour that is used often in people?s homes since it can make a room appear small than it actually is if used improperly. But if used effectively, along with taupe and white accessories, black can add a element of elegance and sophistication to a room. Black as an upholstery means that you do not have to worry so much if that red wine stain does not fully come out.

Remember that when using colour in your home not to just think in terms of paint. While painting a room will give you the most dramatic effect you can bring colour into a room using accent pillows, potted plants, area rugs, furniture upholstery and through pictures and art. However you choose to add a bit of colour experiment and have fun with it.

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