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Small Kitchen Cupboards

The worst thing is moving into a flat you just bought with a small kitchen that has less kitchen cupboards than a small caravan with no toilet. Even with little space to work with a small kitchen can still be fully functional….within reason off course. So what can we do with and do without in a kitchen and what makes a kitchen a functional kitchen?


working triangleI think we all know the working triangle but if you were born under a rock then this is just for you. The working triangle consists of the popular kitchen layout where the fridge, oven and sink are placed adjacently opposite one another to form what we call the “working triangle” in the kitchen.

Now a small kitchen layout is difficult to design as there is little space for kitchen cupboards. And that should go unsaid but there is no reason you can’t stir up your creative side and use the empty wall spaces or even the ceiling to add more cupboards. Ok so ceiling sounds a bit way out there and yes I hear you screaming “Julian, have you lost your mind?” Well the answer is yes a long time ago. No just kidding. Kitchen wall units are normally fitted to the ceiling above a kitchen island or breakfast nook. The wall units are mounted to the wooden beams inside the ceiling or onto the battens. The wall units will usually also rest on a supporting poll that is mounted to the kitchen island or breakfast nook.

OK so back to the working triangle. Most flats residence move into these days does not have a fridge casing fitted around the fridge. Most developers that build these flats save huge sums of money this way especially if they were contracted to build 100 flats but this does not help the person moving into the flat with space. A fridge casing is a great way to create more space as it can house an extra wall unit and if made wide enough broom can be stored between the fridge and casing as well.

The under counter oven can also aid in creating more space. A small drawer can be installed between the kickplate and bottom on the UCO and can be used to store trays or other flat objects in. A drawer will also leave a better finish on the under counter oven unit as it gets fitted with a kitchen handle.

The sink kitchen cupboard is one of my favorite base units in a small kitchen to creatively great more space. If you have a 900mm sink base unit for example you can remove one half of the shelf of the unit and fit a auto open bin unit on the one door of the sink unit. You can then support the over half of the shelf with a upright piece of white melamine or whatever material you are going to use to build the kitchen cupboards with.

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