When to Change Your Kitchen Cabinet

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When it’s too old or termite-infested

Come on. Who in their right minds will not think to immediately change their cabinets when they are in this condition? Okay, maybe people with the budget just can?t do the task. But, those who are completely capable and do not do anything about it are just plain lazy. I myself will immediately panic and go on a cabinet refacing Virginia if one of my cabinet doors gets unhinged. But then, it all depends on how well one listens to one?s conscience.

When it does not go well with your kitchen remodeling

Yes, your kitchen cabinets are in perfect condition. However, they do not (at all!) go well with your current remodeling plan. So, are you going to change your whole plan because it contradicts with your cabinets? Or are you going to let go of the current design? I believe the smart and efficient choice here is the latter. Remember that if you change your plan, that will cost you more money. Good architects demand a high price. Besides, you might even end up loving the new design over your current one. And even if you don?t, it will still grow on you.

When it is too ordinary

Okay, when the previous suggestion is hard to do. This one is simple. Let go of your ugly kitchen cabinets and replace them with prettier ones. They do not need to be fancy or high class. They can even be quirky or nerdy. Just refuse to go on another season with them being so inexplicably dull. The definition of dull is subjective of course. But, if everybody in your family, along with your guests, say that your kitchen cabinets are drab, it?s time to make the move, honey.

When you are sick of the current design

You do not really need a reason to buy a new set of cabinets or hire a remodeler and perform some cabinet refacing Virginia. It can be that you just wake up one day and find them repulsive. Okay, that may be too much negative for a well-designed kitchen cabinet. How about drab? Now, there is a difference between this section and the section above. The previous discussion is that they really are dull. This time your perception and feeling toward your kitchen cabinets might be the ones that have changed. You can?t help it if you are fickle-minded now, can you?

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